About us

Re-N Technology ApS is a private owned company established in 2006 and based on the innovation of our Zitta-Systems™ technology.

Re-N produces the Zitta-Systems™ as turn-key units in containers, which are easy to transport and establish.

The Zitta-Systems™ transform manure from pigs, dairy, poultry and other organic material into new products:
- Biogas
- Fertilizer
- Burning pellets
- Cleaned wastewater
Without producing anything other than mentioned above.

In other words we recycle the nutrients and produce CO2 neutral energy.

Besides the Zitta-Systems, Re-N has developed a management concept taking care of all aspects of manure treatment in biogas plants. The management concept secures high performance in all parts of the process transforming manure into new products.

Re-N is active in a number of countries and plans to establish itself in 12 countries before 2015.

Re-N works together with farmers within a True Partnership concept.

The farmers and Re-N understand each others business. The True Partnership is based on common interest for efficient green manure management and optimized economy. Re-N takes care of the manure and runs the shared biogas plant.